Core Web Vitals
LCP Image Entropy

Largest Contentful Paint, Quick BPP (image entropy) check

Context: Largest Contentful Paint change in Chrome 112 to ignore low-entropy images (opens in a new tab)

This snippet is based on and with the permission of Stoyan Stefanov (opens in a new tab), read his post here (opens in a new tab).

With the script you can get a list of the BPP of all(1) images loaded on the site.

(1) the images with source "data:image" and third-party images are ignored.


      (img) => img.currentSrc != "" && !img.currentSrc.includes("data:image"),
    .map((img) => [
      (performance.getEntriesByName(img.currentSrc)[0]?.encodedBodySize * 8) /
        (img.width * img.height),
    .filter((img) => img[1] !== 0),